Wireless Technology Employed to Reduce LODDs

Ideas for low cost technology to increase firefighter safety are being researched.

While the technology and the programs are not yet available, when they are perfected they will be low cost, easy to use and readily available, the panelists said.

And that's important to Capt. Jason May and Firefighter Isaac Yang, from the Redondo Beach Fire Department.

"This is a user-based program," May said, adding that fitness is built into many union contracts, and this program will help departments meet that part of the contract without breaking the budget. "It will benefit us directly," he said.

Yang said too many firefighters have fallen into "fitness complacency" and the PHASER program will help them get back on the track of taking better care of themselves.

"We need to be physically fit for ourselves and for our communities," Yang said. "... It's a good thing to say the least."