Mom Saves Kids From Georgia Apartment Fire


A Chamblee apartment building went up in flames Friday, leaving 10 units destroyed or damaged.

The fire broke out shortly after noon at the Chatsworth Apartments.

The flames sent residents scrambling from their homes.

Sharon Bufford told Channel 2’s Manuel Bojorquez the fire had left her stunned. “That was just so horrific to me. I'm in so much shock right now,” said Bufford.

Bufford said she was able to save her daughter, Aaliyah, and son, Jonathan, with only seconds to spare before their apartment was engulfed.

“My daughter…, we barely got them out of there. And we had to run so fast to get out of the apartment with them. I’m just in shock. I'm just in shock. Don't know how to even explain this ... It's very awful right now,” said Bufford.

Firefighters also rescued a cat.

One person was treated for minor burns, according to firefighters.

Investigators say they know which apartment the fire started in and that the woman who lives there was asleep when her younger relative woke her up, saying the apartment was on fire.

Firefighters said two units were completely destroyed by the fire and eight others have water and heavy smoke damage.

The Red Cross is assisting those people being affected by the fire.

The fire department is still trying to determine a cause of the fire.

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