Aerosol Cans Blamed in Missouri High-Rise Fire


A small fire was contained to an apartment in an 11-story building at 910 Pennsylvania Tuesday afternoon.

The fire was reported out at 12:55 p.m. Battalion chief Joe Vitale said the fire was contained to the "room of origin."

The fire forced several people out into the street while firefighters cleared smoke from the ninth floor.

Residents told KMBC's Martin Augustine that they heard what may have been a small explosion.

Mary Ann Vering said she grabbed her dogs and headed out of the building as quickly as she could.

"I just grabbed my dogs and started going down the steps because I saw the smoke," said ninth-floor resident Mary Ann Vering.

She said she was told that a microwave oven exploded. Many other residents told similar stories to KMBC 9's Martin Augustine.

Amanda Gronniger said she didn't hear an explosion and initially thought there was a false alarm.

"I didn't really think there was going to be a fire," she said. "I was kind of scared because I've never been in a fire before."

Vitale said one man was taken to a hospital with "significant" burns. He said the man met the first-arriving firefighters in the lobby. Vitale said the man was alert and talking before being taken away by ambulance.

By mid-afternoon, most residents had returned to their apartments.

Late Tuesday, investigators said the fire started when aerosol cans that had been placed too close to a stove ignited when the stove was turned on to cook some food.

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