DCFD Change to FEMS Upsets Some Firefighters

Much like other fire departments in cities across the county, D.C. Fire and EMS has a familiar acronym that can be seen on the backs of the department's dark blue t-shirts: DCFD.

But according to WTTG-TV, that will soon change.

In three months time, the new acronym, "FEMS," will appear on the back of the t-shirts and it isn't sitting well with some firefighters.

"Some members are upset," union president Edward Smith told the news station. "We haven't had a raise in five years, so everything is taken to heart. They're very sensitive right now.”

New Fire Chief Kenneth B. Ellerbe has also moved to replace the "fold eagle" emblem logo and sleeve patch instituted by the last chief, Dennis Rubin, with a blue, yellow and red patch previously used by the department.

This "rebranding" of the department was a recommendation of the city's EMS Task Force after the David Rosenbaum lawsuit in order to integrate the role of emergency services into the department.

While firefighters have complained about the cost of new shirts, hats and jackets they out of pocket for, they are the most upset about the use of "FEMS," according to the report.