New Allegations Levied Against Pa. Fire Chief


New allegations of misconduct have been levied against Jeannette Fire Chief Randy Dubich.

Jeannette Councilman Ron Dismore said on Monday that the city council has not been given details about the new allegations of sexual misconduct against Dubich, but he said they are not criminal in nature.

Dubich has been suspended with pay until Jeannette City Council can meet to discuss the results of a county investigation.

Channel 4 Action News' Jennifer Miele reported police were called to Jeannette's Ambulance Company over the weekend, were a woman reported Dubich for allegedly making sexually explicit comments toward her during a training session.

Calls made by Channel 4 Action News to the police chief and the mayor were not immediately returned concerning the case.

Council has not met to discuss the allegations, disciplinary action or suspension of Dubich from his position as fire chief, Miele reported.

Council reinstated Dubich as fire chief earlier this month, after he was charged with indecent assault in November. A woman claimed Dubich fondled her when she came to the fire house to apply for a job.

Dubich entered into accelerated rehabilitative disposition, a program for first-time, nonviolent offenders. Dubich did not admit guilt, but was sentenced to probation and ordered to stay away from the victim and her family.

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