Calif. Firefighters Work to Contain Acid Leak

STOCKTON, Calif. --

Authorities contained a sulfuric acid leak Tuesday at Pacific Ethanol Inc. in Stockton, an official said.

Division Chief Paul Willette of the Stockton Fire Department said no evacuations were ordered in the area of the Navy Drive facility.

Willette said a 5,000-gallon storage tank containing the acid was found leaking at the pipe connection.

A secondary containment was built around the leak, Willette said.

The tank was leaking about 15 gallons a minute.

"We had a two-man team in Level A hazardous material suits and on oxygen go in and slow the leak." said Willette.

Willette said the leak in question is fully contained and does not pose a threat to the general public.

The plant will be required to perform an enivronmental clean-up of the spill area, Willette added.

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