Ohio Firefighters Bend Rule, Rescue Cat in Tree


The Fairfield Township Fire Department said it used to have a standard answer to requests to get cats out of trees: No.

But that's not quite the case anymore.

Chief David Downie said the department got a call Tuesday about a cat stuck in a tree for nearly a day.

Downie said that the department normally wouldn't do an animal rescue in a tree due to the danger to firefighters.

Downie said they pointed out that the cat would come down when it was hungry, but the caller said when she tried offering food, the cat wouldn't or couldn't come down.

Downie said the woman was concerned because of the temperatures in the 20s and forecast lows in the single digits Tuesday night.

So, Downie said, an engine was dispatched, and using a 28-foot extension ladder, firefighter Jerrid Gundler climbed up and was able to retrieve the cat.

"So now if asked if we get cats out of trees, we can answer, 'Sometimes,'" Downie said.

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