Okla. Firefighters Use iPad to Rescue Elderly Man

GUTHRIE, Okla. --

Guthrie firefighters said they were able to rescue an elderly man because of an iPad.

They said it happened when their ambulance got stuck in snow on their way to rescue an 80-year-old man who fell and got trapped in a snowdrift.

Rescue crews said they could not find the location of the man after they were stuck in snow. To remedy the situation, Fire Chief Lester Branch headed out with his iPad and guided the ambulance crew through a map application.

Branch asked the ambulance team to find a particular road sign.

"From that point, we could give them exact directions and follow this trail," he said.

The ambulance crews were able to find and rescue the elderly man.

"I think we all agree the use of the iPad was a huge tool in doing that, said Branch.

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