Firehouse World Conference Readies for Opening

The Firehouse World trade show and training conference, held annually in San Diego, Calif., will convene Feb. 26 through March 2.Once again, Firehouse World offers a wide variety of fire and EMS training, including continuing education certification...

At various times during the conference, free presentations will take place in “The Hot Box” on the exhibition floor, featuring Billy Goldfeder, deputy fire chief of Loveland-Symmes (Ohio) Fire Department and Firehouse Magazine Contributing Editor, and Ron Moore, training chief of the McKinney (Texas) Fire Department.

Goldfeder will speak on the hazards of “ho-hum” non-structural fires, such as car fires, Dumpster fires and automatic alarms. He will point out the pitfalls of complacency and its potentially devastating results. He will also have a separate class on what to do at fires with occupants trapped and the initial decision that can affect the ultimate results.

Moore will offer a presentation on “The Challenges of Extrication Involving Vehicles with Advanced Steel Structures.” In the presentation, Moore will discuss the use of ultra high-strength steel alloys in vehicles and how to extricate patients from vehicle wrecks.

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