Feds Confirm Discrimination at Houston FD

HOUSTON -- The nation's enforcement agency over job-site discrimination has issued a report confirming a "hostile work environment" within the Houston Fire Department, Local 2 Investigates reported Monday. The report by the Equal...

Draycott's lawyer, Joe Ahmad, declined to comment on the report and said he had nothing to do with leaking it to the media.

He had filed a lawsuit against the city on Draycott's behalf, but then withdrew that suit.

The EEOC declined to comment or make its findings available.

City Council Member Michael Sullivan said the report merely furthers the agenda of lawyers and other critics who have been going after the Houston Fire Department in this case.

He said, "I don't think it tarnishes the reputation of the fire department at all. I will tell you that I feel sorry for the fire department because, as hard working as they are, it does seem like the complaints continue to come, but they keep coming from the same direction."

Draycott returned to work, but then left again on leave after being arrested on a shoplifting charge that put her name in the spotlight once again.

That shoplifting case has yet to go to trial.

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