Calif. Firefighter's Funeral Marks Job Hazards


A procession of fire trucks rolled though the East Bay Friday to honor a firefighter struck down by cancer.

Friends, family and co-workers gathered in Alameda to remember 42-year old Fire Capt. Scott Carnavale, who died recently of esophageal cancer. Carnavale was a 17-year veteran fire fighter.

Comrades in the Alameda Fire Department blamed exposure to chemicals for Carnavale's death.

"Several firefighters, several times a year are exposed to toxins and smoke, and die of occupational cancer," said Jeff Delbono of the Alameda Fire Department. "Scott was one of those guys."

Delbono says it was ironic that Carnevale helped organize the department-wide "exposure reporting program" to keep track of exposures to toxic and hazardous materials.

Division Chief Ricci Zombeck said "We all miss Scott very much, he was big part of our family here at the Alameda Fire Department and he will be missed.

The California Professional Firefighters Organization said ten- to thirty firefighters die every year due to occupational cancer.

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