50 People in Ariz. Plant Tested for CO Poisoning

TEMPE, Ariz. --

Workers at a Tempe facility were evaluated for possible exposure to carbon monoxide Wednesday. The Tempe Fire Dept. was called to Foresight Technology, an electronics company, for reports of a man experiencing chest pains.

When firefighters arrived on scene, they found workers driving gas-powered forklifts in a closed 50,000 square-foot building. Workers said they were cold so they closed the doors. They checked the levels of carbon monoxide and found them to be more than 6 times the safe level to work in. Firefighters had to wear their masks for their own safety when treating patients.

It was determined the chest pains were caused by exposure to carbon monoxide. Firefighters then decided to check all the workers to see if they had been exposed to carbon monoxide.

Mike Reichling with Tempe fire told CBS 5 News that 7 men were transported to Tempe St. Lukes hospital where they will have their systems flushed out with pure oxygen. The remainder of the employees were taken to the Fiesta Inn for evaluation.

Tempe fire said everyone is expected to be OK.

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