Four People Killed in California Mobile Home Fire


Just after 3 a.m. Sunday morning, a mobile home went up in flames and claimed the lives of the four people inside.

"It was engulfed," said Mark Scrape, a witness. "It was too late. We couldn't get at it."

Neighbors described the scene of the early morning fire that claimed four lives.

"They didn't have a chance," said Scrape. "They just didnt have a chance. What do you do?"

Residents of The Oasis Mobile Home Park said the victims were three men, who were all family, and one woman. According to her family, who declined to comment, she was friends with one of the men. They also said she walked over about an hour before the fire started.

"The woman who was in there, her sister ended up coming out, and seeing it," said Chyenne Mudge, another witness. "She just ran. Somebody told her, 'You're not going to be able seeing her, shes in there, I know she is, so just go back inside your house.' And she went back in there."

When the fire was put out, firefighters discovered the four victims. Neighbors watched on in disbelief.

"I knew everybody that was in there," said Scrape. "We talked to them yesterday, and they're gone."

Residents of The Oasis said, for whatever reason, fires are becoming more common.

"Another trailer burned down on the other side so within the past month this is the third fire in this trailer park," said Scrape.

This fire was different though as it cut short four lives.

"They were very nice guys," said Scrape. "They were always, 'Hi Mark. How you doing? Good morning,' every day. Just to go out like that. I don't know. Kind of sad."

City arson investigators are still looking into what caused the fire.

A vigil for the victims is set for Sunday night at 7 p.m. at The Oasis near the intersection of South Union Avenue and East Casa Loma Drive.

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