Broken Sprinkler System Floods Calif. Building


Sacramento Police said Sunday an apartment complex was flooded due to a broken sprinkler head in one of the units.

Police said a broken valve in the sprinkler system at unit 438 of an apartment complex located at 1131 C St. caused the sprinkler to go off. The unit was flooded to the point that water flowed out of its windows and into the second and third-floor units, police said. The basement also had several hundred gallons of water wind up there.

Firefighters said they had to drain all of the pipes to the system in the apartment complex.

Police said the crew had to turn off the power in several units due to the flooding.

Officers said some tenants voluntarily evacuated their apartments due to water damage and the power being turned off.

The apartment manager said a restoration company has been asked to come out and crews have already replaced the broken sprinkler head.

Investigators said the cause of the of the breakage of the sprinkler valve has not yet been determined.

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