Pa. Cop Saves Baby From Fire, Kills 2 Deer


Channel 11 News has learned that a police officer struck and killed two deer while responding to a fire in Peters Township.

The blaze broke out at a home along Thompsonville Road on Wednesday.

Officer Rob Kemp responded to the call. While he was on his way, he said a herd of deer crossed the road in front of him.

Kemp said he didn't stop the car and ended up killing two of the deer, but but he got to the house in time to save a 14-month-old child from her crib.

He also kept the flames under control until firefighters could get there.

β€œIt all happened so fast,” Kemp said. β€œI was just trying to not hit anything. I'm just doing my job.”

The home suffered smoke damage. No injuries were reported.

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