Owner Loses Everything in Pa. Bowling Alley Fire


Fire crews were called to scene of bowling alley fire in Fayette County on Friday.

According to county 911 dispatchers, fire broke out at the Klondike Bowling Lanes on McClellandtown Road in Masontown around 12:30 p.m. Friday.

Dispatchers said at least three fire companies were called to the scene to battle the roaring flames.

Joe Pascia, the owner of the bowling alley, said the business has been in his family for generations.

"I've lost not only a building, I've lost my friend." Pascia said.

Pascia told Channel 4 Action News' Keith Jones that the alley was built in 1959 by his dad and uncle. Both have since passed away.

The alley quickly became a community institution and many of the firefighters called to battle the blaze were regular customers.

"So many friends and good times and hard work from my family. It's just devastating I'm sorry," Pascia said.

"I remember when my dad and I were here he actually bowled a 300, I got less than that," said Eric Heywood, who worked at the bowling alley.

Jones reported that firefighters said the flames started in the back of the building and then quickly engulfed the structure. It took hours to bring the fire under control.

"I've lost everything, it's all gone. I just can't describe what I've lost," Pascia said.

Pascia told Jones that while he suffered a loss from the fire, he's glad no one was hurt.

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