Fire in Ga. Church Postpones Christmas Service


Wolf Creek Baptist Church in Locust Grove, Henry County, was 138 years old. Early Sunday morning it burned to the ground.

"A person would have to be almost sick to destroy a building like that. Someone might have done it for a prank or game, but to me it's living dangerously," said Deacon Ernest Wise.

Arson investigators spent hours Monday searching for a cause.

They determined the fire started in the middle of the church but don't know how it started or if someone started it on purpose.

Wise, 70, worshiped at the church three to four times a week for more than 60 years.

"I couldn't believe it at first. I asked the deacon that called me and said it burned down, 'what did you say?'" said Wise.

Wise said he rushed to the church to see the destruction for himself.

"Just sitting here looking at it, I can't get over what happened," said Wise.

Members say this is first time in the church's 138-year history there won't be a Christmas service here.

Pastor Terrance Williams said his congregation will postpone this year's service.

Another church has offered up a facility for them to worship in after the holiday.

Williams feels grateful.

"That shows us that as long as we're friendly to people, people will in return do the same for us," said Williams.

Church members plan on rebuilding the church.

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