Indy Ladder Truck, Fire Engine Collide

An Indianapolis ladder truck and a fire engine collided the night of Aug. 14 while both were en route to what turned out to be a false alarm.

Engine 14 was traveling south on Meridian Street and Ladder 13 was traveling east on 16th Street when they crashed at approximately 10:55 p.m., according to department spokeswoman Rita Burris.

"There was a second or two there that Engine 14's crew realized they were going to hit (Ladder 13)," she said. "The driver was able to maneuver to prevent it from T-boning the ladder truck, causing it to hit the back end."

The ladder and the engine each had four firefighters on board; none of whom sustained any injuries.

One of the apparatus hit a parked car with passengers on board following the collision, but no injuries were reported.

A call came in at approximately 10:48 p.m. for an apartment fire on Pennsylvania Street, where smoke coming from the second floor and evacuating residents was reported but it was later deemed a false alarm, Burris said.

Engine 14 suffered front end damage and damage to its windshield while Ladder 13 sustained damage to the driver-side rear quarter panel.

Burris said the monetary cost of the damages is still being estimated, but that it is expected to be significant.

The crash is still under investigation.