Kan. FF Cited in National Anthem Feud


Lawrence police issued a firefighter with a battery citation after an incident at a high school family band night got heated.

Bob Mandell said he was taking pictures at a Free State High School band night when Lawrence firefighter Daniel Clouse grabbed him during the last few notes of the National Anthem. Mandell told KCTV5's Eric Chaloux that his neck is still sore, and he added that he hopes the firefighter keeps his hands to himself from now on.

A witness told KCTV5 that Clouse grabbed the other band parent because he kept his hat on during the anthem. She said it appeared excessive. She said she saw the confrontation but could not hear all of the exchange.

Lawrence police said state law does not require them to release offender information on a police report, only the names of the victims and witnesses.

The Lawrence-Douglas County fire chief did not return calls to KCTV5.

The municipal court said a court date has not been set.

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