North Carolina Ambulance Hits Building


A building in Cornelius partially collapsed after an ambulance hit it, according to Medic.

A two-person crew was backing into the garage at about 3:30 a.m. Thursday and hit a wall, causing a beam to fall and part of the roof to collapse.

No one was injured, but county inspectors assessed the damage and deemed the building unsafe for use.

The building, located on Chartown Drive just south of Catawba Avenue and Interstate 77, is used as a garage for Medic ambulances. The vehicles are plugged into shore lines that provide electrical power so they don’t go dead.

Medic officials said they are in the process of finding other nearby locations to post ambulances. Deputy Director Jeff Keith said they will keep ambulances in the region so that they can respond to calls in nine minutes or less.

“Rest assured, under no circumstances would we not have a vehicle doing their job,” he said. “Instead, they would likely post in a shopping center, adjacent to where we were.”

The accident is still under investigation. The ambulance involved has rear bumper damage and is currently out of service.

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