Wind Rips Roof Off Oceanfront Hotel in Oregon


Powerful wind ripped the roof off a hotel in Lincoln City this morning.

Lincoln City police officers say they received a 911 call at about 5 a.m., alerting them that the Sea Horse Oceanfront Resort's roof had been blown off the building.

There was one family staying in the portion of the motel that lost the roof. They were not hurt, says Capt. Jim Kusz, of North Lincoln Fire and Rescue District No. 1.

The force of the wind carried a 500-square-foot section of the roof about one block east of the motel over electrical wires that were 45-feet high. Wood boards and insulation were found nearly two blocks away.

Sharon Bullock, the manager of the resort, told firefighters she initially feared that portions of the roof may have struck homes or people blocks away from the damage, however, no one was hurt and firefighters did not report additional property damage.

About 6,000 square feet of the ocean-facing roof was ripped away by the wind. Crews searched the area block-by-block early this morning to see if any of the other homes were damaged by the flying debris.

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