Neb. Mom, Children Jump From Fire

OMAHA, Neb. --

A woman and her two children jumped from a second story window Thursday morning to escape a fire in a town home in northwest Omaha, according to the Omaha Fire Department.

Firefighters were called to 100th Plaza and Military Road about 1 a.m.

They heard initial reports that the three people were trapped inside, according to Battalion Chief Bart Reynoso.

Neighbors said the mother dropped a baby out the window into their arms.

"She was in that window that doesn't have a screen on it," said neighbor Sabrina Dage. "She just dropped her kids out to us."

She said it was one mother helping another.

"I was just thinking, 'Help her. This is cement,'" said Dage. "She was coming from a two-story drop. There's no way she would have made it out of there without help. We caught the baby, got the teenage boy out, her son and then her."

Dage said she ran to the town home after hearing an explosion that rocked her out of bed.

"The smoke was just rolling out I mean, it had already spread to the upstairs and the fire had only been going about seven minutes," she said. "I heard them screaming from the window next door."

KETV cameras captured the scene, with Dage seen rocking the baby before handing him off to his teenage brother in an ambulance.

Reynoso assigned crews to each side of the building to make sure the fire didn’t spread to other units.

The woman suffered a minor ankle injury during the jump, Reynoso said.

Dage said she's grateful that was the only injury.

"That's all I was worried about," she said. "Just getting those people out of the burning home."

The fire caused about $48,000 in damage, the Fire Department said. The cause is under investigation.

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