Steam Mistaken for Smoke at Ohio Coal Mine

A person mistook steam for smoke Monday morning, resulting in emergency crews rushing to an Ohio County coal mine.

Firefighters used the emergency plan put in place by the county, and the Brooke County Tanker Task Force also responded.

But, the general manager of the Tunnel Ridge Coal Mine -- the company using the silo -- said there was no fire. Instead, Randy Riddle said, a small amount of coal stacked inside the silo produced steam as it was rolled out and hit the cold air.

After the caller phone emergency crews, firefighters moved through the emergency plan just as it was set up.

Officials with the mine said one good thing that came from the mistake is finding out how quickly emergency responders can handle a call from the coal mine.

They said they were extremely pleased with how quickly the department acted and stayed on top of the situation.

There were no reported injuries.

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