Wisconsin Fire Crews Battle Blaze in Corn Dryer

CLINTON, Wis. --

Almost 50 firefighters responded to a fire at the Delong Co. in the village of Clinton on Wednesday morning.

When the first fire crews arrived on the 600 block of Delco Drive just after 5 a.m., they saw flames and smoke coming from the top of the corn dryer, according to a release from the Clinton Fire Department.

Employees had shut off gas and electric to the building and tried emptying the bin through small dump doors at the bottom of the dryer. Flames were visible on the top of the corn as it dropped down through the dryer, spreading the fire on its way down, officials said.

Fire crews were on the scene for four hours fighting the flames and an additional hour at the station for cleanup.

A Meyer 2000 corn dryer was damaged in the fire, but cost estimates are not yet available. The unit can't be used until it is repaired or replaced, officials said.

No one was injured.

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