Driver Freed After Vehicle Plows into Minn. Home

St. Paul firefighters worked to rescue a man trapped in his vehicle after it crashed into a house and landed it's side in the living room on Monday night.

Just after 9 p.m., crews were called to 2204 Hartford Ave. for a car that struck a home. Engines 19, 10, 5, Ladder 10, Medics 5 and 14, Squad 2 and Chief 1 were dispatched.

The crew of Engine 19 reported that a car had crashed fully through the house and that it was in the living room and dining areas. The car was in a precarious position on the passenger’s side. The Ford Focus’ engine compartment was partially penetrating a wall near the ceiling.

Crews stabilized the vehicle using chocks and searched the home for other occupants. Medic 18 was also requested to the scene.

Firefighters used cutting tools to remove the B posts of the vehicle and roll the roof forward to access the lone occupant, a 25-year-old male.

He was freed in less than 15 minutes and transported with non-life threatening injuries.