Pa. Firefighter Assaulted by Off-Duty Medic at Bar


An off-duty paramedic is accused of assaulting a City of Pittsburgh firefighter at a Lawrenceville Bar early Thursday morning.

Police said firefighters were called to the New Amsterdam on Butler Street around 2:30 a.m. on Sept. 17 to help a man with a head injury.

Investigators said when the firefighter arrived, Andrew Lagomarsino, 32, of Greenfield pushed the firefighter while shouting and cursing at him.

The firefighter told police that Lagomarsino stood in his path and stopped him from entering the bar. According to the criminal complaint, Lagomarsino told the firefighter to "disregard the call because he was handling it."

Lagomarsino is charged with obstructing emergency services, assault and harassment. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Thursday.

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