Acid Spills at Oklahoma Truck Stop


Crews evacuated the parking lot of the Petro Truck Stop near Reno and Martin Luther King avenues on Sunday because acid was leaking inside a semitrailer.

Firefighters said witnesses reported the trailer was smoking when the driver pulled into the parking lot.

Investigators said the truck was carrying hazardous waste materials from a chemical plant and left a pallet in the back unsecured. They said two containers of acid tipped over and that the smoke was vapor caused by the reaction when the acid touched the metal on the truck.

The driver who noticed the vapor and one other person nearby got minor medical treatment at the scene.

The Petro Truck Stop remains open to passenger vehicles, except the small area where the truck was parked. Cleaning crews were expected to come to the area to take care of the spilled acid, which was contained to the inside of the truck.

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