Ohio Firefighter Faces Termination for Making Alleged Terroristic Threats


A Steubenville firefighter is now fighting a legal battle.

Paul Bowman is in the middle of fighting his termination, and is now facing charges of making terroristic threats.

Tuesday evening his fiancée, Angela Dokes, spoke out.

Her side of the story is that Bowman is being targeted for racial reasons.

"My opinion is that this is a personal vendetta. This has been going on for years, and it finally has just blown up," said Dokes.

Dokes said she feels the reason her fiancé Paul Bowman, was fired from the Steubenville Fire Department wasn't because of the accusations made against him.

"He was getting harassed because he had biracial babies," said Dokes

Dokes said she believes it all stems from racial comments made to Bowman back in 2005 by an assistant chief who was later forced to retire.

"He goes to work under just constant scrutiny, constant harassment but all his harassment is swept under the rug," Dokes said.

Bowman is accused of making threats toward a current assistant chief, and most recently of making terroristic threats.

He made threats that if he loses this case it's going to make CNN. The officer took those threats serious enough where he made a police report to put city officials on notice, " said John Mascio, Steubenville city prosecutor.

His fiancée said those accusations are flat out false.

"Oh they are, it's hearsay. I don't understand how someone can say that he said this to me and they tell this person and they tell that person and then a city official files charges over hearsay over rumors ," said Dokes.

Dokes said her family is distraught over all of it and they just want him to get his job back.

"Oh we're going to fight this to the end because its not right," said Dokes.

The Steubenville Fire Department had no comment, but City Manager Cathy Davison tells NEWS9 that the action taken against Paul Bowman was in no way racially motivated but that it was based on policy, and policy that Bowman violated.

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