Texas Man Accused of Stealing Fire Radio System

KIRBY, Texas --

A man accused of stealing from the Kirby Fire Department isn't the first in his family to face criminal charges related to that agency.

Robert Wiatrek, 29, was arrested Saturday-his birthday-on a theft charge.

The arrest affidavit shows police believe he stole a two-way radio system from the fire department.

Kirby police were at the home earlier this month to serve a search warrant in a separate case when they discovered the stolen radio system in a dresser drawer, the affidavit said.

The system, said to be worth about $4,500, was reported stolen by the Kirby Fire Department back in January.

Police said Wiatrek's twin, Anthony, immediately told officers his brother was to blame.

Anthony Wiatrek is a suspect in an arson case also involving the same agency.

He had been working as a volunteer firefighter for the Kirby Fire Department at the time of his arrest in May.

Investigators said Anthony Wiatrek purposely set fire to some land off Ackerman Road in 2008 and torched his mother's van in 2009.

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