Tower Of Chicken Feed Goes Up In Flames in S.C.


Fire broke out at an Anderson County farm Monday afternoon, causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage, according to firefighters.

Firefighters were called to the McCown farm just before noon in the Williford community at the intersection of Highways 187 and 29. The farm raises about 100,000 chickens, according to the owner John McCown.

Five volunteer fire departments helped put out the flames. Water had to be brought in from a hydrant about a mile away, pumped into a temporary holding container, then pumped up to the top of the silo using a fully-extended ladder truck.

McCown said the silage in the silo was about 10 years old. defines silage is fermented, high-moisture fodder that can be fed to farm animals. Spontaneous combustion usually happens within the first two months if it gets too dry or to hay that gets too wet, according to agriculture experts.

Investigators are still looking for what sparked the fire, McCown said.

McCown estimated the total damage amount was $50,000.

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