Ill. Engine Catches Fire Inside Station

A Naperville apparatus caught fire inside a station last night, but further damage was prevented by nearby firefighters.

One of the crew members of Engine No. 6 walked onto the apparatus floor of the firehouse and noticed a burning electrical smell around 8:20 p.m. and informed the other two crew members, according to the department's incident report.

When they went to investigate, they noticed smoke coming from the right front wheel area and front grill of the fire engine.

They quickly pulled the engine down to the end of the apron outside the station and removed the equipment from the cab. One of the firefighters extinguished a small fire on the passenger side of the engine compartment.

Damage was done to a small section of wires, which showed some melting, according to the report.

The apparatus was last used that morning and hadn't been operated since that time and had stayed plugged into the shoreline. The mechanic on duty arrived to assess the damage and the engine was towed to the city garage for further examination and repair.

Equipment was moved to a spare engine and other equipment was moved to be kept at the station.

Damage to the apparatus was estimated at $500.