Arson Suspected in Calif. Brush Fires


Investigators said an arsonist may be to blame for two grass fires in Rancho Cordova.

An incendiary device was found early Tuesday at the scene of a small fire along Rancho Cordova Parkway near Pericles Drive. A housing subdivision sits a couple hundred yards away, but the residences were not threatened.

Another fire about a mile away along Kiefer Boulevard west of Rancho Cordova Parkway also appears to have been set by an arsonist, authorities said. An incendiary device was found at this location as well.

Fire crews were able to knock the blazes down quickly. But officials are especially concerned because breezy conditions could spread any additional blazes that break out.

Meanwhile, firefighters are keeping a close eye on the remnants of grass fires that broke out Monday afternoon along Grant Line Road near White Rock Road. More than 200 acres burned. Investigators something dragged from a vehicle may have sparked six blazes.

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