Ark. Crew Makes Swift Water Rescue


Spring Creek in Springdale flooded early Tuesday morning leaving two men stranded at Pump Station Road and Silent Grove Road at about midnight.

The two men clung to the top of their SUV as the creek rose around them. They said after they got on top of the vehicle, they could feel it rocking and swaying in the current.

Firefighters grabbed their gear, suited up, clipped on ropes and grabbed two extra life vests to bring the men to safety.

The two were on their way home and almost made it.

"Just 100 yards away," then men said.

In the darkness, they had no idea the creek was up so high.

"It's amazing how fast it came up," they said.

Rescue crews reminded drivers of the dangers of going through high water. "If you see water up like this, just turn around. It's an unknown, especially in the dark like this," said Jim Vaughn of the Springdale Fire Department.

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