Mass. Cops Dash Into Apt. Fire to Help Residents


Three Lynn police officers rushed into a burning multifamily home in Lynn overnight to make sure everyone escaped safely.

The fast-moving fire spread from the back porch on the first floor to the attic at 146 Hamilton Ave.

Bunly Chan lives on the second floor with her husband and three children.

"I call my husband. I say, 'Get up! Fire!' I say and my husband knocks on my kid's door and that's how we got out," Chan said.

Three Lynn police officers arrived before firefighters. The officers ran through the building, knocking on the doors of all three units, making sure everyone got out safely.

Shortly after, the Fire Department arrived and turned on the hoses, but the flames were outrunning the water.

"Knocked the porch fire down. It had already gone up, it was already up in the left of the building. We were inside, and it was too much fire. We ended up having to back out," Lynn Fire Department Acting Chief Dennis Carmody said.

Within two and a half hours, the fire was knocked down, but by that time extensive damage had been done.

"So scared and worried," Chan said. "I feel sorry about my landlord. They lost everything."

The cause of the blaze is under investigation.

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