Fire Erupts at Ohio Potato Chip Factory


Fire crews battled a fire at the Grippo's potato chip factory.

Colerain Township firefighters said the fire broke out at about 9:24 p.m. Tuesday. The factory is at 6750 Colerain Ave.

Firefighters said they could see flames coming out of the top of the plant when they arrived.

Fire crews had to close down part of Colerain Avenue while they dealt with the fire.

Investigators said a small fire had sparked in a vent stack off the main fryer. Workers said the fryer houses several hundred gallons of oil.

Fire crews said a flame from the small stack could have ignited grease. Firefighters said the flames then spread to the roof.

Officials said the heat and smoke caused a roof sprinkler to go off, containing the fire to the roof area.

No injuries were reported. Officials said only 10 people were in the building at the time.

Firefighters did not release a damage estimate but said that if the main fryer was damaged, it could cost millions to fix.

However, the company said Wednesday that operations would not be significantly impacted by the fire.

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