New Jersey Mayor Calls Off Public Safety Layoffs

The mayor of Trenton announced yesterday that the city will not lay off firefighters and police officers as previously planned.

"Enough is enough; today I am announcing that we will not lay off any public safety employees," Mayor Tony Mack said in a statement.

The state-approved layoff plan called for the elimination of 382 positions including 61 from the fire department and 111 from the police department.

He said that the fire positions will hopefully be covered by a SAFER grant the city is still waiting to hear back on.

Despite the city's ability to save the positions, Mack said that other departments will be victims of cuts.

More than 150 city workers were slated to lose their jobs today.

"Make no mistake about it, these are tough times, and in order to make this restructuring work as it relates to police and fire personnel, we had to make additional critical adjustments," he said.

"While some layoffs must continue, one thing is certain, no police or fire personnel will turn in their badges that so honorably protect and serve the great citizens of Trenton."