S.C. Fire Chief's Job Saved, for Now

INMAN, S.C. --

The Board of Commissioners voted to delay the decision about Chief Lee Jeffcoat's job status until a later date. In a meeting Tuesday, the commissioners talked about the budget, and had some questions and concerns. Instead of deciding to fire the chief in Tuesday's meeting, they decided to hold another meeting to hash out any budget questions. And also take his termination off the agenda.

Jeffcoat's supporters filled the room again, and some weren't allowed in because the crowd had already reached the capacity. His supporters defended the chief, and his ability to run the department.

At the same time, Jeffcoat supporters questioned the commissioners integrity. At one point in the meeting, residents asked the commissioners to reign themselves.

Jeffcoat has come under fire by some who say his $50,000 salary is too much for the small department to handle. Others said that Jeffcoat has done great things for the fire district and the department.

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