Delaware Firefighter Revived at Blaze

A Seaford firefighter went into cardiac arrest on the Fourth of July at a blaze in Dewey Beach while assisting with fireworks coverage, according to WGMD Radio.

The firefighter, described as a man around 60 years old, collapsed and an ambulance was able to make it through the traffic following a nearby fireworks display to transport him to Beebe Hospital.

Crews responded to a reported fire on Clayton Street shortly after 11 p.m. and soon discovered fireworks had started a small fire, igniting some brush.

While at the incident, the firefighter collapsed at the feet of a police officer. Responders began CPR immediately and an AED was quickly utilized to shock him once while waiting for EMS to arrive.

According to the report, the firefighter was responsive after being revived, but became combative due to a high sugar level.