Two Killed in Crash Involving Del. Fire Utility Truck

Two civilians were killed in a collision involving a Harrington Fire Department utility truck last night, according to the Milford Beacon.

Benjamin L. Rieger, 29, and an 11-year-old boy riding in the same vehicle, were both pronounced dead at the scene following the three-vehicle collision near Felton.

Rieger was driving a Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck north on Route 13 when he tried to pass the utility truck by crossing the median on the left-hand side, according to the report.

When he attempted to return to the northbound lane, he crashed into the driver's side door of the utility truck and started to spin out of control. He then entered the southbound lane and his truck hit and rolled up onto a Cadillac Deville as both cars came to a stop at the edge of the southbound lane.

Neither of the other drivers involved was seriously injured.

State police are investigating the incident.