Calif. FF Burned During Fireworks Demo

A demonstration about the dangers of fireworks resulted in an unexpected bang that left a Redding, Calif. firefighter injured.

Jeff Granberry suffered the injuries to his hand and eye when a firecracker exploded in his hand during the annual media event conducted by Redding and CalFire, according to

Fire officials told the station the injuries were kept to a minimum because he was wearing fire resistant clothes, a helmet and eye protection.

Granberry lit the roman candle, which launches exploding shells. It was the third firework he lit and it exploded in place rather than shooting one of its shells, reports indicated.

Granberry was released after treatment at a local hospital.

The media had been invited to the demonstration to learn how quickly fireworks can cause damage, ignite fires and burn people.

Phil Paige, the department’s fire marshal, told a reporter: “I think that serves to illustrate the danger of fireworks..."