Run To New York Raises $170,000

INDIANAPOLIS-- A group of Indiana firefighters and police officers returned home Sunday after a cross-country run to New York to raise money for those affected by the Sept. 11 attacks.

It was an emotional journey for those who wanted to demonstrate solidarity with their counterparts.

The run was organized by Lawrence firefighter Dino Batalis, who said that the support that they received was incredible.

"We had teachers come out with the kids holding flags and holding up signs," Batalis said. "And they were chanting USA, so it just made you feel really good to live in the United States. That's what this was about. This was done for everybody that lives in this country."

For Indianapolis firefighter Ian Marano, it was a return trip. He was part of the initial rescue group that went to New York following the attacks.

"It seems more like the people are coping out there now, and they're not as overwhelmed," Marano said. "I think they're ready to just get back to a sense of normalcy -- trying to put their lives back together."

The group raised $170,000 for the New York Relief Fund, most of which came from Hoosiers, officials said.