Fla. Fire Dept. Under Fire After Drugs Found


There are allegations of prescription drug problems in Volusia County's Fire Department.

Sources told WFTV Wednesday, one firefighter was fired after drugs like morphine, that were supposed to be on a fire truck, were found in his house. Also, a fire captain was demoted for mishandling a drug similar to Xanex.

However, neither of the workers was arrested.

There was nothing to show these drugs were being used or sold. Investigators only know that the firefighters had them.

One left more than 90 vials of a potent anti-anxiety drug at the station, sitting there for days with nobody keeping track of it.

A 200-page investigation details how Volusia County fire captain, Roy Rawlins, kept drugs in a box that he was supposed to destroy.

Reports show Rawlins went to 18 stations in June, collecting lorazepam that was about to expire. Paramedics were told to sign forms saying the drug was destroyed, even though it wasn't.

Several employees reported it and when Rawlins went back to destroy the drug, there was actually more there than he said he collected and he couldn't explain why.

Another paramedic said he had collected the drug the same way in February.

Rawlins is also mentioned in sheriff reports for another firefighter, who had morphine, epinephrine and other medications in his Daytona Beach home.

Ken Girlardo's estranged wife found the drugs in April and Rawlins showed up at the house to help deputies inventory what was there.

Girlardo said he was using the drugs for teaching paramedics at Daytona State College. The school told WFTV it would never accept narcotics.

Girlardo was fired and internal investigation reports with more details on Rawlins' involvement weren't immediately available.

With no evidence of use, or sale, there was no criminal investigation in either case.

The two incidents have triggered a renewed emphasis department-wide on following protocol with prescription drugs.

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