Four Injured in Fla. Ambulance Rollover Crash

DAVIE, Fla. --

Four people were injured when an ambulance was involved in a crash in Davie on Monday morning.

One patient and three paramedics were in the back of the Davie Fire Rescue ambulance when it was involved in a crash on Griffin Road near 100th Avenue. The ambulance was taking the patient to a hospital on a routine medical call.

Police said that just after 9 a.m., the ambulance was moving west on Griffin Road when a Ford Explorer T-boned it.

"It was hard," said witness Domingo Padilla. "It was a hard hit."

Padilla said he was behind the Explorer as it drove south on Nob Hill Road. He said the Explorer had the green light at Griffin Road and that the driver of the SUV apparently did not see the ambulance coming through the intersection.

The Explorer hit the rear wheels of the emergency vehicle, which flipped onto its side.

Padilla said he stopped his vehicle and rushed over to help.

"After the accident, I ran over and disconnected (the Explorer's) battery, and then I ran over and started pulling people out of the ambulance, because there was an old man and he was bleeding from his head," Padilla said. "The paramedics were hurt, too. Two of them were really banged up."

The patient and the three paramedics were taken to Memorial Regional Hospital as a precaution for minor injuries, police said.

The driver of the Explorer was not seriously injured. She sat in the cab of a tow truck while crews cleaned up the mess.

A spokesman for the town of Davie said the ambulance did have its lights and sirens on as it went through the intersection. Charges are pending.

Griffin Road was closed in both directions, but has since reopened.

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