Yoga Offers FFs Fitness, Stress Relief

Firefighter Blanca Alcaraz says it is her mission to teach yoga to first responders, dispelling all the myths surrounding it.

When that doesn't work, she's not even above pointing out the attraction of the obvious -- women in scanty clothes working out in a hot studio.

"I'm shameless when it comes to getting people to try it," she said. "...I love it when I get the biggest, toughest guy to try it and they say, 'No joke, this stuff is for real.'"

Now that she has a business, she can further entice firefighters, EMS and police officers to try it just by dropping by her studio and saying they serve the public and she'll let them try it for a day for free.

"You'll be confused and you won't understand anything that's going on but that's OK," she said. "If you stick with it even for a week, you'll be hooked and I can promise you'll have buns of steel or ABS of steel before you know it."