Wash. Firefighters Rescue Longshoreman

LONGVIEW, Wash. --

Longview firefighters rescued a longshoreman after falling about 40 feet onto the deck of a cargo ship.

It happened Sunday morning on board the TCP Gisaborne when the worker fell off a large stack of logs stored above the ships hold.

Rescuers said they had to make their way into a narrow gap between the structure of the ship and the log stacks. The man was then stabilized and pulled up to the deck before paramedics took him to an area hospital.

"The firefighters from Engine 81, Engine 82, and Truck 81 did an excellent job of packaging the patient and removing him from a pretty complex situation only 26 minutes after we arrived," said Longview Battalion Chief Kevin Taylor.

As of Monday morning, the condition of the man was not known. His name has also not been released.

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