Fla. Deputies Honored for Rescuing Woman, Kids

ORLANDO, Fla. --

Several Orange County sheriff's deputies were honored Tuesday after rescuing a woman and two children from a balcony during an apartment fire in August.

On Thursday Aug. 26, seven deputies responded to an apartment fire that had completely engulfed the bottom floor. Two deputies evacuated the area while five others went to the rear of the building to break out windows to try to make contact with anyone who might be inside, the Sheriff's Office said.

Several deputies, one a trained fireman, climbed a fire rescue ladder to save a woman trapper on her balcony with two children.

Those deputies, Corp. Carrie Tannucci, Corp. Dave Mataya, DFC Ronald Raslowsky, Deputy Jeffrey Lotter, Reserve Deputy Mark Kasprow, DFC Terry Brown and Deputy Merlin Ghobrial were all honored for their efforts at a ceremony at the Sheriff's Office Tuesday afternoon.

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