Boy, 4, Rescued After Fall Down Conn. Well


A 4-year-old boy was rescued after falling down a well in Naugatuck, fire officials said.

Naugatuck fire officials said the child fell into a well on Spring Street and said the boy's parents were able to pull him out before firefighters arrived.

Residents in the area reported hearing two cracks and a moan, which led them to believe that someone was shot. But, the cracking noise was the sound of wood breaking when the child fell 25 feet into the well and landed in two feet of 50 degree water.

We really can't explain it," said Capt. Jim Trzaski, of the Naugatuck Fire Department. "He had a lot of luck on his side. Apparently he just fell straight down. So he had no time to react. I don't think he bounced off the sides. He just went right down into the water."

The well is made of old stones that are cemented together. Fire officials said the boy's father climbed down the well using the stones as steps and the boy's grandfather used a rope to pull them both out.

The well has been capped with more wood and officials said the wood that was protecting it before giving way may have been rotted.

"He was answering appropriate questions," Trzaski said. "He was scared, but he was a tough little kid."

Officials said the boy was being taken to an area hospital with a possible skull fracture.

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