Probe Clears Georgia FFs of Cheating


The results of Atlanta's internal investigation into allegations of cheating in the Atlanta Fire Department were released Thursday. The audit says investigators weren't able to uncover any evidence of foul-play.

The report said there was no eye-witness testimony, physical evidence, or records on the department's computers to support the allegations.

Firefighters who made the allegations of cheating are already fighting back saying the city is covering this up and they're demanding an outside investigation.

CBS Atlanta first told you firefighters claimed answers to the promotions test were given to several preferred employees in advance. The claims were that some of the department's top brass were involved in the cheating scandal.

About 100 fire-fighters hired an attorney to stop the promotions process, complaining about cheating on that exam. Now the promotions process can go forward.

And while the Human Resources investigation found no evidence of cheating, investigators did find evidence of a motive. They say there was an on-going conflict between one of the chiefs being accused and one of the people who filed the complaint.

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