Cochran Speaks at NFPA Conference

LAS VEGAS, Nev. - "The most memorable event in my life and career was being sworn in as U.S. Fire Administrator last year at IAFC." USFA Administrator Kelvin Cochran told this Tuesday morning to the crowd at the NFPA Conference & Expo, possibly minutes after learning that he was leaving that post to return to his former job as fire chief in Atlanta. Sources said Cochran was notified early Tuesday morning that he had nailed the position. Prior to taking the stage, Cochran was friendly, but candid about not discussing his potential career move saying: "It's not a done deal." He briefed the crowd on the USFA's mission as well as the importance of everyone "Becoming Fully Involved." "No one individual or organization has enough resources or influence to accomplish or achieve its mission alone," he said. Cochran has taken on the mission of putting "fire" back in the USFA, and said his dedicated staff is behind that. "It's not like the fire has gone out," he said. "The flame has died down." Whatever the reason, including possibly the lack of marketing, Cochran said things have been changing. During the presentation, he did have an announcement regarding USFA activities. "The USFA received permission from the White House to speak about the need for fire sprinklers in homes," he said. "This is a bold step for us." The audience applauded that announcement.