Vegas Fire Kills 2 People and 43 Pets


Two bodies -- and 43 dead pets -- were found inside of a home after a house fire was put out, the Las Vegas Fire Department said.

The fire was doused about 4:30 p.m. at 5333 Dulce Avenue, near Lake Mead and Michael Way, after a mailman noticed smoke coming from the home.

A neighbor had entered the home through a front door with a mask on. He saw a person lying in a bed and a man slumped over on the living room couch -- both were not moving.

Fire officials said firefighters quickly had the flames out when they arrived. The fire was confined to a back bedroom where a woman's body was found. A man was found dead in the living room.

Officials said 42 cats and one dog also were found dead and were taken by Animal Control.

The cause of the fire and cause of death for the two people found in the home was under investigation, fire officials said. However, officials said there were numerous extension cords found in the bedroom where the fire started.

If the coroner does rule that the deaths were fire-related, they would be the first two fire deaths in the city of Las Vegas this year. Last year, there were eight fire-related deaths.

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